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The Dangers of Landfill Waste and Irresponsible Disposal

We’ve all heard the environmental spiels, all of us use those blue recycle bins for plastics and cardboard, and we are pretty good about making sure our end of the bargain is kept up. But what most of us don’t really think about is where the rest of the world’s waste products go to when they can’t fit in a convenient blue recycle can. What really happens to about 2/3 of the waste in the world might surprise you.


Landfills Are Toxic and Dangerous

The nation’s toughest waste disposal jobs are handed over to landfills. Landfills are giant plots of land meant for crushing and then burying waste products in the ground. Many of them had to be shut down due to rising health concerns, and the chemicals and components of many of the toxic materials in a landfill are known to cause numerous diseases. The health concerns associated with landfills are enough to be concerning, but on top of that in many cases, the air pollution of a landfill will carry over to the surrounding area. In an attempt at better and cleaner air, streams, forests, and vegetation, many companies have tried to minimize the effect of landfills waste deposits. Nonetheless, many landfills still exist today without any way of keeping toxic substances from transferring into the elements around us.

The Waste Products at Fault

Most of the items that are toxic are things we wouldn’t expect to be. Many of the vehicle parts electronics, appliances, and other mechanical or electronic waste are some of the worst culprits when it comes to toxic waste and pollution of the world around us. If we don’t take a stand to stop the ongoing disregard for our health, we will face the consequences of disease and pollution of the ecosystem.

The Solution

GreenPrint Recycling exists to keep your unused electronics out of those waste areas. We have invested into the technology and facilities to keep your old electronic parts and useful bi-products from losing their usefulness. We will take these parts and use them to make other and better technology. We are deeply concerned with being able to give back, and for that reason, we will always offer a reimbursement of the value of your items if we can. Green Print Recycling takes all of your unused and unneeded electronics and renders them useful to society without putting them through landfills.  We have a zero tolerance for landfills, and our commitment is to keep harmful substances from reaching anyone or anything that could be harmed by them.

In conclusion, landfills are among the most toxic of places in the world, and as we fight to eliminate their presence by using viable recycling solutions instead, we hope to find you fighting with us by responsibly recycling.


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