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About Us


At Texas Electronics Recycling we try to find value in every item while keeping possible toxic electronics components out of the landfills.

Almost every product from cardboard to keyboards can be re-used or recycled and remanufactured as another product.


Texas Electronics Recycling offers true electronics recycling and is one of the nations leaders in recycling imaging products and supplies.

With over 15 years of experience of distributing imaging products we have formed extensive downstream partnerships allowing us to work with corporations, educational facilities, government agencies, healthcare organizations, and other Recyclers nationwide helping them properly recycle their copiers, printers, fusers, ink & toner cartridges.

If it has a cord or a battery, we can responsibly recycle it.


Texas Electronics Recycling  |  Monday—Friday 9am—5pm | 241-736-1979






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Nationwide Responsible Electronics Recycling